Who are MyFresh?

We know our onions, and many other vegetables too! Established in 1987, we’re the UK’s largest ingredients-focussed, prepared fresh produce business – preparing over 35,000 tonnes of veg each year for food service and food manufacturing customers.

Based in the farming heartland of Bedfordshire, just 40 miles from London, we take the hard work out of veg preparation for you – peeling, slicing, dicing, chipping (we could go on) exactly how you want it.

We also produce a variety of vegetable mixes, pastes, and purées, such as garlic, ginger and chilli.

Our veg comes to us straight from the fields of farmers we know and trust all over the UK.
We have a dedicated office in southern Spain and source globally to ensure we have a robust supply chain and year-round supply of the best ingredients.