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Nick Walker

Nick Walker is our Agronomist here at MyFresh and works closely with all our growers in the UK and further afield to ensure we source only the 'best in class' crops. Nick spent his early years growing up on a livestock farm in Dorset.

Since gaining his BSc (hons) degree in Agriculture from Seale Hayne Agricultural College in Devon he's had a love for all things fresh produce and has spent much of his career travelling the world exploring the many different product varieties we see in our industry today.

Stress responses

The extreme temperatures that we have experienced over the last month or so means that stress on all crops has been high. Some iceberg are not ‘heading’ properly and continuing to produce just leaf. This impacts on percentage yield and can increase harvest costs.

Bolting is another physiological response to stress (the plant just wanting to reproduce) and we are seeing this in many lines, but especially iceberg, cos, and salanova’s.

With a cool down in weather, these issues should improve, but the more autumnal weather patterns will no doubt throw up other issues!

27th July 2017

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'Non-hearting' iceberg
French visit

This is week I was near Agen, France, half way between Bordeaux and Toulouse.  This is where we get our chillies for the summer from (Morocco being for the winter supply) but their main crop is sweetcorn, as well as growing kiwi fruit and sweet potato.

They have had a very hot period (at the same time as the UK and Spain) but last week 50mm of rain helped all the crops significantly.  Sweetcorn is early but the chilli crop is on track to start on time, meaning a gap between Morocco and France should be avoided, (this is not always the case!)

14th July 2017

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Chilli plant