We believe a community should be a better place for having one of our businesses in it. Our colleagues are encouraged to volunteer in the local community whilst on work time and are also supported in charitable efforts.

We’re keen to minimise our impact on the environment and as part of the wider Group are working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. There are a number of examples of such work taking place across our site but one recent development is the investment in an optical sorter for our carrot line. We can now take our carrot suppliers’ whole crop, rather than just the perfect ones, meaning a greater yield and less waste. It’s a pretty whizzy piece of kit which processes the whole carrot and blows any bad bits into a bin.

We’ve also just completed our Small Onion Project. This year’s extreme cold and then hot weather has meant onions are smaller than usual and wouldn’t fit our processing equipment. But instead of turning the onions away and potentially wasting good food, we’ve installed new processing equipment for the smaller onions. Win for us and a win for our farmers!